SSG has been actively operating and managing solid waste facilities in British Columbia since 1982. Our operations stretch across the entire province, from Vancouver to Fort St. John. A combination of experienced landfill managers and staff coupled with cost effective operating techniques provides value to landfill and transfer station owners. SSG views itself as partners in the operation and planning of solid waste facilities, not just a service contractor. It is with this long-term view for success that SSG has been able to maintain itself as one of the dominant players in the solid waste service contract business in British Columbia.


SSG has operated Golden Ears and Rolley Lake Provincial Parks for 25 of the last 30 years.  As with its solid waste business, SSG provides a direct, hands-on approach to managing its parks, ensuring high quality services can be provided at a competitive cost.  SSG has implemented new strategies for increasing visitor satisfaction and retention and continually works to improve the quality of the park experience for the many thousands of visitors to the parks every year.